Bernie Sanders carefully cultivated an image that he was a well-meaning, caring grandfather who was running to become President so that he could fix what was wrong with our country.

Young liberals, having just come through years of socialist indoctrination in their schools, and lacking life experience and the historical perspective that comes with it, flocked to Sanders socialist utopia.

History chronicles the death and starvation that has accompanied socialism wherever it has been implemented.  The great economist Milton Friedman explained to talk show host Phil Donohue why this is so:  (This short video might very well be the most important 2:30 you can ever show your children.)

Sanders and his wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders used Burlington College as their personal piggy bank until they bankrupted it.  Mrs. Sanders is the former president of the college.  She is currently under FBI investigation for bank fraud for taking out a $6.5 million loan to allegedly finance a $10 million expansion project.

Bernie Sanders has also played fast and loose with other peoples’ money.  He habitually used campaign contributions for the enrichment of those he holds closest.  The Washington Free Beacon reported back in early January of 2016 that:
“Bernie Sanders and his wife have on numerous occasions steered money from organizations under their control to friends and family members, public records show.

“The payments benefitted the wife of the Democratic presidential candidate, his stepdaughter, and the son of a former colleague in city government whom Sanders has described as a close friend.”

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